Karine Drasik

After working as a dresser / costume designer, Karine Drasik decided to share her know-how by setting up her own business in 2008. She designs and makes patterns for high-end decoration. She collaborates with leading interior designers. His work is found in luxury hotels, boutiques, yachts and private residences. Each product is manufactured with the greatest care by an experienced team that emphasizes quality know-how. We work closely with our customers at every stage. From sketches to design and choice of colours and materials. Do not hesitate to contact us for the realization of your projects.

Each creation is made piece by piece, each embroidery is unique, behind each design there is a reflection, an inspiration, drawn from painting, from the artistic movements of the 20th century such as Art Deco.  Other sources of inspiration: plants, notably through the work of photographer Karl Blossfeldt, as well as abstract geometric forms and Japanese art, among his most prestigious clients, Sybille de Margerie for a private residence in London, the Alexandra chalet in Courchevel, Affine design for the Hotel de Paris in Monaco.Karine Drasik also has a more international dimension, having worked with Peter Marino Architects for the Dior jewellery boutique in Geneva and Tiffany & co, both located in New York.

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